I got 5 unique visitors in the first month of blogging.

Welcome back to My Indian News. In this blog, I will be writing what I learned in my first month of blogging. I am only writing this blog to tell my journey, what I experienced and observed, this blog is going to be a little bit negative so please don’t mind if it hurts you.

This blog is no guide it is just my experience, no offense.

I am gonna update this blog after six months, and I will tell you about the status of the blog, and what new things I learned. Its gonna be fun.

It’s been two months since I’ve been blogging.

Pratosh this side. Owner of this blog.

My Journey

I got 5 unique visitors in the first month and that was unexpected and 4 of them were from my family so that equals 1 unique viewer.

I made 0.00 $$$ in the first month of blogging

Pretty Unexpected but no problem, no one becomes a millionaire overnight.

I expected that I will have millions of views in the first month. When I entered this world everything seemed like a puzzle to me. I couldn’t understand certain terms. It really made me sad.

This month I saw an increase in my stats. This really made me happy.

I started it when saw a YouTube ad that portrayed the benefits of blogging.

My age is 14 years. I was interested in things like Affiliate Marketing, writing online articles, and Digital Marketing.

My Experience

I used to research for hours, spent many hours blogging, I was getting nothing, literally nothing. I still research and read articles, many types of Articles such as

  • How to Increase Traffic.
  • How to get Backlinks.
  • People talking about their successful journey.
  • How to rank my blog on google.

Whenever I read that he/she got thousand of viewers in their first month of blogging, it really de-motivated me. I know that this blog will be one of the most successful blogs. (guess that’s too much but still)

I have used thousands of tools, done everything (Told by YouTube Videos and Articles) and I guess these things don’t work for some people, including me.

At a point in time, I was feeling that I couldn’t do it and was wasting my precious time. I read my articles which said

Failure is the biggest Teacher

And I find this quote really motivating. Quotes are pretty amazing, aren’t they? They motivate us to take certain actions and sometimes also de-motivate, like the dark ones.

Drop your Favorite Quotes in the Chatbox.

My Observation while blogging.

I have seen and read more than 200 videos/articles on how to get organic traffic, increase my website’s ranking, writing content, and blah blah blah.

I am telling you no one can help you, no trick can bring thousands of viewers to your website in a day or two.

Only you can help yourself. Just think for once, if it was so easy to bring so many visitors to your blog, every blog would be having millions of readers, we wouldn’t need these YouTube Videos and Guides.

The truth is you can not be famous or rich without hard work. Everything requires hard work and dedication.

You have to work on your website, you have to write great content. This is the only way to get traffic and you have to increase your DA, it’s a very important factor in ranking your blog in Google search results.

I am not discouraging anyone.

I have seen people getting thousands of viewers in the first month of blogging, people have earned hundreds of dollars in their first month.

Just writing my own experience. I got 30 users ( Users not Unique Visitors ) in the first month, that comes down to 1 user per day.

Now I’m getting 4–5 users per day, not a very big number but still, it is a lot for me. I hope this number will increase.

I made hundreds of mistakes in my first month of blogging, later I corrected them, made improvements and I am happy.

According to me, our mentality is very important, we shouldn’t start comparing ourselves to there based on traffic and profit, many bloggers stop blogging just because of this reason, they think others are better than them.

Many leaders of this industry, like Neil Patel, have worked very hard to achieve success.

We can take inspiration from others but we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others. This is the main point.


This blog really helped me to confess my feelings to my audience.

I don’t know how many people are gonna read this but if you read this blog, please comment, it would really make my day.

In the last, this quote applies to everyone–“Only you can help yourself”

I hope you all liked this blog.

If anyone wants to collab on any blog with me, contact me at — pratosh06t@gmail.com.

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