Welcome back to My Indian News. In this blog, I will be talking about the future of technology, how technology will change our lives in the future, future technology predictions, the future of technology in 10 years, how technology in the future will change education, and technology help us in the future. This Blog has it all, you can also visit Pandemic Related Issues, which will be related to this blog. This blog has both disadvantages and advantages on a particular topic. It has many Topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Education in the Future, jobs, and businesses in the future, vehicles, and cars in the future, new inventions made by the latest technology.

Future Technology Predictions

Artificial Intiligence-

Advantages ( Predictions )

  • Do household chores.
  • Talk care of people.
  • Do jobs.
  • They can be used by Armies.
  • Automatic Cars, actually this has already started.


  • They can not replace humans by any means, a robot could do many things that a human can not do, but they can not behave like a normal human. If I asked a question, a robot will answer according to the algorithm implemented in that robot, without thinking emotionally.
  • Unemployment, if robots will take place of humans in companies, then many people would end up unemployed. People will lose their job because of AI ( future Technology ). We can already see this, the local markets sales are decreasing just because of online platforms which sell the same thing at a lesser price.


  • They will have much more information on any topic in comparison to today.
  • The internet will be having features such as tracing location, getting the identity of a person, and many more.
  • Communication will be a lot easier while using the internet.

Physical Ability to do work- Physical Problems with technology in the future.


  • In the next 5–10 years the number is expected to grow.
  • Mobile Phones will have the features of a PC due to the future technology.
  • Smartphones already have many features such as OTT Platforms, gaming apps, video editors, and many more features.
  • People have been very eagerly waiting for holograms, which we see in the movies and according to many people, this feature will be introduced to smartphones in a few years ( Future Smartphone Technology ).
  • Communication would a lot easier through smartphones while using future technology.


  • Classes would be more way more realistic, schools could use holograms of the students and the teachers so that they can feel that they are in a classroom.
  • No more books would be used, there would be E-Books available for all the students which they can access through their devices.
  • Robots would replace teachers in the future because of advanced technology. What are your views on this point? comment your opinion in the comment box.


  • The work which will be done by the Robots and AI will be perfect.
  • The work would not have a single mistake.
  • It would be done in no time.

The work done by the Robots and AI will be perfect but it will affect the lives of many people as they will lose their job, many people only have a few skills ( which is the source of their income ). Local markets are facing huge losses just because people use online platforms to do shopping. 200 million people are already unemployed worldwide. 6% of people lost their jobs in the pandemic in India, which sums up to nearly 70 million people, which is a lot. The percentage of unemployment is expected to grow in the upcoming years according to a few reports.


  • If electric cars would be there, there would be no burning of fuels, so pollution would be a lot less.
  • Automatic driven cars would be available worldwide, imagine you are sleeping in your car, which is taking you to your destination automatically.
  • The doors of the cars would open by themselves by scanning the nearby area which would be an amazing feature according to me.
  • Cars would be more comfortable and would have features, which could help us do our work in the car without any disturbance.

No Maintainance, people spend thousands of rupees to maintain their fuel-driven cars. I think electric cars would not need any maintenance

Flying Cars- Future Technology for Flying Cars.

  • Many models have been made but they are not introduced to the general public.
  • Many of them are under testing and many things would need to be checked before introducing them to the general public due to certain reasons.
  • There would be no ground traffic, ground traffic causes a lot of chaos at times.

Humans-The future generation of Humans.

  • A chip would be used to store information and data.
  • Humans would no longer need to learn things.
  • AI would help them to perform certain actions that humans can not perform right now. Physically they would be more strong, agile, fast, would have way more stamina than we have.
  • According to a report, there would be approximately 11 billion people in the world by the year 2100.
  • They would be very intelligent, this would help them do certain things which people can not do today.

Science- Future of Science and Technology.

  • New Technologies would allow us to discover new things.
  • These technologies would help us understand certain topics, topics Wheaton’s have a proper explanation.
  • Only 60% of the earth has been discovered yet, so almost 40% percent of the earth is yet to be discovered, new technologies could help us in discovering the rest 40% of the earth.
  • Trip to Mars- humans have been planning to visit Mars for a very long time, humans could also live there, if we successfully go to Mars, we will be able to discover many new things and get some answers to some unanswered questions.

New Inventions in the Future.

  • Flying Cars — Everyone has seen flying cars in movies and TV shows and there will be a day when we will be using Flying Cars instead of simple cars. Many Prototypes have been made, they are under testing to ensure that everything is fine in the vehicle. Flying cars mean that no ground traffic, less pollution. Cars are the leading source of air pollution according to a report. The Technology in 10 years could give us flying cars.
  • Robots controlled by AI — Many AI-drive Robots are already used in various places. There will be a day when these AI-driven Robots would replace humans. Humans would not need to do any physical work. Robots will be everywhere Managing Companies, doing House Chores, replacing army officers, and many more things.
  • Holograms in the future — Holograms would be used to communicate ( In-Person ),. Holograms could be also based on educational purposes such as teaching and explaining, They are used for entertainment purposes or things.

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